Elizabeth Street Common Ground 5th Anniversary 2015

“Diana and I collaborated on many media and communications projects during our time together working in the homelessness and housing sector, most notably the Call This A Home? Campaign for safe rooming houses, which succeeded with Premier Brumby announcing a comprehensive reform plan for the Victorian rooming house sector.

“Diana is one of the hardest working and most passionate and creative communications people I know. She understands what journalists need and want from a story and has a way of delivering it in a way that serves her client’s objectives equally.

“The other noteworthy quality in Diana’s approach is the strong role that values, ethics and integrity take. She would never compromise the safety or wellbeing of ‘talent’ just to get the story. She ensures preparation and support to those doing media work and this results in empowering experiences and great stories, which in our line of work is the goal.”—Daniel Scoullar, former Communications Manager, HomeGround Services (now Launch Housing) and director, Social Change Projects

Testimonial: HomeGround Services